Minnesota Log Home Repair

It is hard to believe we are at May 1st already! This time of year the phone starts to ring with questions about Minnesota log home repair. Along with new log home construction we do offer log home repair in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We have seen and worked on a wide range of projects. We have restored a log home that had caught fire and repaired and restored old log cabins that have been passed down a generation or two. We have also worked on some log homes that had issues that could have been avoided years ago when the home was built. Proper caulking is very important and often is a step that is almost overlooked. We realize a lot of homeowners have caulked their own log home to save on labor costs. We have seen plenty of preventable issues that the surface been properly prepped and a thorough application and tooling of the caulk.  The air bubbles need to be tooled out and contact points made on all the joints.  The same goes for staining. We cannot stress enough the importance to use a high quality stain that is designed for log home use, proper prep and application. Limbs and shrubbery rubbing on the roof or wall logs have also caused plenty of problems. When you are opening up your cabin for the summer just take a quick look around at the roof, walls, caulking and stain of your log home. The quicker you spot and issue the less likely there will be problems in the future. Log homes and cabins are awesome to live in and can provide many years of enjoyment if properly cared for. If you have any questions or need log home repair in Minnesota or Wisconsin feel free to call or email.

Minnesota Log Home Refinishing

The calendar and current warm weather haven’t been the only indicators of the arrival of spring. The phones have been ringing with inquiries of log home refinishing in Minnesota and Wisconsin which have announced that the refinishing and re-staining season is soon to be here.  Some of you may not be aware that we do offer log home restoration and refinishing services. We have seen projects that range from a simple prep and application of a maintenance coat of stain to corn or glass blasting of the home for new stain to log replacement projects. While our focus over the years has been new log home construction we branched into the refinishing and log home repair to expand our services as more requests came in over time.

Starting with a high quality product is the first step in proper log home care. We use Perma-Chink or Sikkens for stain. And for log sealant we use Perma-Chink or Sashco. All are designed for log home applications rather than just a general “across the board” product that you would get at a big box retailer. Starting with the right product is key but we can also offer tips to help protect your log home. Some of the cabins and homes we have worked on have smaller overhangs so a simple solution of adding gutters and downspouts can eliminate a lot of future problems. Other sites may not have anything around the base of the home so the water running off of the roof is hitting bare dirt and splashing up on the logs. Landscaping and/or just adding rock around the base of the house will eliminate that issue. Another item we will look for is overhanging trees and limbs that may be rubbing against the house. That can wear stain off of a log home pretty fast.

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MN Log Home Builders

With temperatures predicted to hit low 50’s here in Minnesota that means spring is just about ready to arrive in full swing. Spring projects are soon to start and plans are being finalized. However, not everyone wants to start first thing in the spring and some opt to wait until fall. We see this with existing cabins that will be torn down. The cabin owners want to use their cabin one last season and as soon as Labor Day passed we will go in and tear down and get the new log home built and ready for the following summer. That brings us to springtime and where we are currently at. Fall projects don’t get far enough along before the weather gets too cold to stain and seal a new log home or log cabin here in Minnesota. There isn’t anything wrong with letting untreated logs go through a winter and spring cycle but soon the weather will be warm enough for us to go in and treat the logs properly for years of longevity. The same goes for our re-staining and maintenance projects. We will be starting our services for restoration as soon as the temperatures permit. If you are needing re-staining this year just give us a call now and we can come out and take a look and get you scheduled. If your project is more than just a re-stain we do offer log home repair in Minnesota as well. Feel free to call or email with questions on new construction, refinishing or log home repair and thanks for taking the time to visit our website.

Minnesota log cabin builders and remodeling

Things have been busy this winter here at Edlund Construction! We have been on the road  on a half log project but things are moving right along due to the lack of winter weather! Things have also been busy with people looking at spring projects that range from building a new log cabin or log home to remodel and possibly adding on to an existing lake home or cabin. We get a fair amount of inquiries each season from those that want to convert a home into a log home. It is easily done with one of the rustic half log options we have available. The half log can be applied to your existing exterior walls. Also, adding some interior log and some knotty pine can take things a step further and you end up with that rustic log cabin that you always wanted!

We also want to remind you that we also build cabins. Over the years we have built some rather large log homes but we also have built just as many smaller, cozy log cabins. It seems that some of the log home companies tend to focus on the larger log homes and seem to forget about the smaller cabin plans. We can build both and regardless of the plan, we are here to help you through all stages of the process, from an idea to a completed project.

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Current half log project

It is hard to believe how fast December has flown by. The unusual start to winter is odd but we can’t complain too much. We have a couple of log home projects underway here in Minnesota right now and one is outdoors installing half log siding on a home. One of the other Wisconsin based log home companies needed some help on a project and we are glad that we could make arrangements to help them out with their build. It is a log home company we haven’t worked with before so it is nice to get familiar with a new to us product. The photo below is of the project we currently have underway.

Minnesota log siding
As 2011 is winding down planning for a spring build is starting to ramp up. Winters may seem long here in Minnesota and Wisconsin but when it comes to planning a log home or remodel project the time passes quickly. As always, we are here to help you through the stages of planning and getting built so feel free to call or email with any questions. Check out our website for more information on log home builders in Minnesota and have a great holiday season.

Time To Start Planning

Even though December is just getting underway it is time to start planning for your spring project that you have been thinking of. Whether your project is new construction, an addition, remodel or log home restoration now is the time to be thinking of plans, researching products and talking to builders. Planning, getting the plans drawn and the bidding process all take time. Once everything is in order for planning and bidding there is permits to get and schedules to arrange and in a blink of an eye spring will be making its presence known here in Minnesota. For those of you considering a log home or log cabin project make sure you attend the log home show that will be in Minneapolis January 13-15. Log home shows are a great way to learn about the log home companies that serve this area. As Minnesota log home builders we are here to answer your questions and help get your log home package completed and constructed. Log styles, profiles and corner options can get confusing. We have built many log homes, half log and full log construction, over the years in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and can help steer you in the direction to help you make the choice you are comfortable with. We get asked quite often if half log or full log is better than the other. We aren’t going to answer that but will give you the pros and cons of each so you can make your own decision based on your needs and budget.

For more information on Wisconsin or Minnesota log homes give us a call at 320.292.7878

Weatherizing your log home

November is rolling by as quick as usual and a few snow flurries have been seen already. By now all the staining projects have come to an end for the season due to the cold temps and stain requirements needing overnight temperatures of over 40 degrees. However, that doesn’t mean getting your home ready for winter has to stop. Weatherizing doesn’t matter if you live in a log home or not. Simple inspections such as making sure all your windows are firmly shut and latched can keep the winter draft out. Also, check for worn weatherstripping on your doors and replace any that may be letting cold air inside. Another thing to do is clean out your gutters of leaves and pine needles. Clogged gutters hold water back and could help in the formation of ice dams if you have any heat loss through your roof. Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to go around your log home and inspect for any checks in the logs or caulking that may have cracked or pulled away. Pay close attention to any upward facing cracks and checks and caulk them as necessary. It doesn’t take very long to touch up any caulking and can go a long way in preventing future issues. If your log cabin is seasonal and won’t be heated make sure all the water lines, toilets and pipes are drained so you don’t come back in the spring to broken pipes.

Whether we like it or not, winter is going to make an arrival so don’t forget to tune up the snowblower and get the shovels out!

Some are already talking about spring construction starts and now really is the time to start planning. Give us a call at 320.292.7878 or go to our website for more information on our our Minnesota log home builder and planning services.

Log Home Builders in Minnesota

Our last couple of blogs have been on log home planning and I’m going to continue that in todays as well. It only makes sense to make every dollar count in your log home project and keeping things simple and efficient helps make that happen. Sometimes a log home budget will come up a bit less than the whole project. Items such as well, septic, driveways and permits have to be accounted in that budget. Too many people concentrate just on the plans and build costs and at times forget about these major items that are part of the project.  As log home builders in Minnesota we have seen and built many shapes and sizes of log homes and have built smaller homes for higher square footage costs than some larger ones. How does that happen? Upgrades such as granite countertops, high end plumbing and lighting fixtures and expensive flooring all add to that end cost. If you project is coming in a bit higher than where you are comfortable at then we can look at the options you want and maybe find a less expensive option that still fills the need.

Sometimes making the floor plan smaller will help but if we are close on costs maybe a different log profile will drop expense enough to still keep your perfect floor plan how you want it.  Our hybrid option of rustic homes fits this example perfect. We can use exterior log as an accent along with shakes or rustic siding and some exterior stone. The rustic look is still there and costs have been reduced a bit. Your log porch and log railings on the deck are there on the exterior and the interior log completes the look on the inside.

Kitchens and bath options can add up in a hurry in cabinetry and fixtures. Appliances have a wide range of costs and options and are another way of saving on your log home budget. You can always upgrade appliances in the future.

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Log Home and Log Cabin Planning Tips

As Minnesota log home builders we have seen all kinds of log home designs, shapes and sizes. Many of these log homes or cabins are designed to fit the lot and building site, take in a view and incorporate the lifestyle of the home owner. One thing that we see that is consistent here in Minnesota and Wisconsin is log style. The full log homes we build are either double round or “D” log and the half log homes we build always use a round, rustic half log. Although some here in the upper midwest opt for square log or matching half log we haven’t built many with that log style. Since 1999 we haven’t built on that got chinking either. Every log home we have built has been designed to use caulking rather than chinking. This part of the U.S. sees that style of home and in the southern regions you tend to see more square log construction with chinking. There is nothing wrong or better with either, just regional style and preference to keep in mind while planning your log home.

Porches:                                                                                                                                                 Porches and log homes go hand in hand. While planning, make sure the porch isn’t obstructing the view you are trying to take in. We will help you design the porch so support posts or walls aren’t blocking the view from the inside of your log home. When it comes to a three or four season porch consider taller windows. You are going to be spending a lot of time in your porch and you aren’t going to want to be struggling to look up and out of your porch windows. Bring the outside in and go with taller windows.

Fireplaces:                                                                                                                                              Many people tend to focus on fireplace location and treat it as the focal point of the great room. In reality, it seems the TV tends to be the focal point over time. This may be more true if you are living in your log home all year. As a seasonal, weekend cabin the TV may have a little less importance. Consider the fireplace and TV location while you are sketching out your dream log cabin. So many over the years have incorporated the fireplace on the wall that is facing the primary view from the home. On a very wide great room that is fine but if the great room is narrowing you will be sacrificing window space to incorporate the fireplace to be part of the view. We suggest going with larger windows so you can take in the view better and moving the fireplace off to the side. Keep this in mind while planning out the fireplace and TV locations.

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Log Home Planning and Design

September is moving right along and we have been busy with some Minnesota log home projects. The window has been cooperating for our re-staining and log home restoration projects. As summer winds down and we are getting closer to winter by the day, now is the time to start planning for your log home project for next spring. Getting your ideas and sketches taken to a plan takes some time. Once the plan is drawn there is time needed for making any needed changes. From there bids are gathered and the plans finalized. Budget is always a factor regardless of shape and size of your log home or log cabin you are planning.  We are here to help you get to the plan you want while keeping the budget in line.

Here are a few log home planning tips to keep in mind:

Simplify – Simple and easy rooflines well help keep costs down in both materials and labor. Angles, bumpouts and dormers can add costs to the home without gaining a lot of square footage. Dormers can add some needed space for a loft closet and/or bathroom though and can be usable space though. The fewer corners on the footprint of the plan the better. A rectangle or square plan with four corners is the most economical and again saves on labor and materials along with concrete.

Double up on rooms – Combining kitchen/dining and living area on an open plan will save on square footage. We see this quite often in the log cabins we have built over the years. Another way of combining rooms is adding a laundry area in a bathroom.

Building up rather than out – If having all of your necessities on the first floor isn’t necessary then you can think about adding a loft or second story. Building up is adding some framing materials but you will see less costs in excavating, foundations and roofing which will keep your costs per square foot down a bit.

Here in Minnesota, log homes and cabins need to be built to code for wind sheer, snow loads and energy efficiency so these will be set costs that can’t be gotten around but some added costs are valid when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your log home. One of the more popular upgrades we see is spray foam insulation. It usually runs approximately double the cost of fiberglass but does save on energy bills and you will see a quicker return on investment with spray foam insulation over some other options.

For more information on Minnesota log home builders just head to the Edlund Construction website.