Log Home Inspections

Hopefully everyone is staying cool in this heat wave. This time of year we seem to get quite a few calls from people that are considering buying an existing log home or log cabin and they are looking for someone to do a log home inspection. We do offer log home inspection services throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. There are a lot of conventional home inspectors out there but very few have experience in log homes. A log home inspection can put your mind at easeĀ and save you future expense depending on what we may find. A majority of the log homes we look at are fine and may only need some re-staining and updating but there are always a few out there that may need some extensive work. Old roofing that has seen better days, clogged gutters and lack of care are the usual contributors to the problems we see. Most of the issues can be fixed but we will leave those decisions up to you if you end up buying an existing log home.

Another reason we get called for a log home inspection is to see if the existing building can be remodeled or added on to. Some have found the “almost perfect” log cabin in the right setting buy may just need a little more room to fit their family and lifestyle. We can give you some cost estimates before you make the purchase to help with your overall budget.

For more information give us a call at 320-292-7878 or head over to Edlund Construction.

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! This summer is flying by! I just wanted to take some time this morning and get this blog updated. It has been busy here at Edlund Construction this summer with Minnesota log home projects. We have done a couple of projects that involved replacing logs and are currently soon to wrap up a log cabin refinishing project. I can say this hot weather doesn’t make things any easier! The log home building side of what we do is busy as well. We have a foundation in the ground and materials soon to ship. We are glad to be busy again this year and happy to be able to offer both restoration and new log home construction services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Have a great day with friends and family and if you are on vacation this week have a great vacation. Call or email with any questions or head over to our website for more information on Minnesota log home builders.