Minnesota Log Home Repair Project

Hopefully is having a great Memorial Day weekend with friends and family. I’m finally getting some time to post photos of a recent log cabin restoration project we did in Minnesota. The bottom three rows of logs needed replacing due to water splashing on them from running off of the roof and hitting the deck. The rest of the log cabin was in great   shape. The cabin owners opted to replace the old pine logs with cedar logs. We were able to get the replacement logs custom milled to match and completed the job a couple of weeks ago. Gutters, downspouts and proper deck flashing could’ve prevented the issues but all is well now with the proper measures being taken by the current cabin owners. This is an example that is similar to quite a few of the Minnesota log homes and log cabin restoration projects we have been doing. The longer the repair is put off the worse it can become over time.

Below are a few photos of the restoration project

Minnesota log cabin repair

Minnesota log cabin repair



As you can see, even the bottom logs on the wall can be removed and replaced. Give us a call or email if you have a Minnesota log home repair project you want us to take a look at.

Minnesota Log Home Repair

It is hard to believe we are at May 1st already! This time of year the phone starts to ring with questions about Minnesota log home repair. Along with new log home construction we do offer log home repair in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We have seen and worked on a wide range of projects. We have restored a log home that had caught fire and repaired and restored old log cabins that have been passed down a generation or two. We have also worked on some log homes that had issues that could have been avoided years ago when the home was built. Proper caulking is very important and often is a step that is almost overlooked. We realize a lot of homeowners have caulked their own log home to save on labor costs. We have seen plenty of preventable issues that the surface been properly prepped and a thorough application and tooling of the caulk.  The air bubbles need to be tooled out and contact points made on all the joints.  The same goes for staining. We cannot stress enough the importance to use a high quality stain that is designed for log home use, proper prep and application. Limbs and shrubbery rubbing on the roof or wall logs have also caused plenty of problems. When you are opening up your cabin for the summer just take a quick look around at the roof, walls, caulking and stain of your log home. The quicker you spot and issue the less likely there will be problems in the future. Log homes and cabins are awesome to live in and can provide many years of enjoyment if properly cared for. If you have any questions or need log home repair in Minnesota or Wisconsin feel free to call or email.