Minnesota Log Home Refinishing

The calendar and current warm weather haven’t been the only indicators of the arrival of spring. The phones have been ringing with inquiries of log home refinishing in Minnesota and Wisconsin which have announced that the refinishing and re-staining season is soon to be here.  Some of you may not be aware that we do offer log home restoration and refinishing services. We have seen projects that range from a simple prep and application of a maintenance coat of stain to corn or glass blasting of the home for new stain to log replacement projects. While our focus over the years has been new log home construction we branched into the refinishing and log home repair to expand our services as more requests came in over time.

Starting with a high quality product is the first step in proper log home care. We use Perma-Chink or Sikkens for stain. And for log sealant we use Perma-Chink or Sashco. All are designed for log home applications rather than just a general “across the board” product that you would get at a big box retailer. Starting with the right product is key but we can also offer tips to help protect your log home. Some of the cabins and homes we have worked on have smaller overhangs so a simple solution of adding gutters and downspouts can eliminate a lot of future problems. Other sites may not have anything around the base of the home so the water running off of the roof is hitting bare dirt and splashing up on the logs. Landscaping and/or just adding rock around the base of the house will eliminate that issue. Another item we will look for is overhanging trees and limbs that may be rubbing against the house. That can wear stain off of a log home pretty fast.

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MN Log Home Builders

With temperatures predicted to hit low 50’s here in Minnesota that means spring is just about ready to arrive in full swing. Spring projects are soon to start and plans are being finalized. However, not everyone wants to start first thing in the spring and some opt to wait until fall. We see this with existing cabins that will be torn down. The cabin owners want to use their cabin one last season and as soon as Labor Day passed we will go in and tear down and get the new log home built and ready for the following summer. That brings us to springtime and where we are currently at. Fall projects don’t get far enough along before the weather gets too cold to stain and seal a new log home or log cabin here in Minnesota. There isn’t anything wrong with letting untreated logs go through a winter and spring cycle but soon the weather will be warm enough for us to go in and treat the logs properly for years of longevity. The same goes for our re-staining and maintenance projects. We will be starting our services for restoration as soon as the temperatures permit. If you are needing re-staining this year just give us a call now and we can come out and take a look and get you scheduled. If your project is more than just a re-stain we do offer log home repair in Minnesota as well. Feel free to call or email with questions on new construction, refinishing or log home repair and thanks for taking the time to visit our website.