Current half log project

It is hard to believe how fast December has flown by. The unusual start to winter is odd but we can’t complain too much. We have a couple of log home projects underway here in Minnesota right now and one is outdoors installing half log siding on a home. One of the other Wisconsin based log home companies needed some help on a project and we are glad that we could make arrangements to help them out with their build. It is a log home company we haven’t worked with before so it is nice to get familiar with a new to us product. The photo below is of the project we currently have underway.

Minnesota log siding
As 2011 is winding down planning for a spring build is starting to ramp up. Winters may seem long here in Minnesota and Wisconsin but when it comes to planning a log home or remodel project the time passes quickly. As always, we are here to help you through the stages of planning and getting built so feel free to call or email with any questions. Check out our website for more information on log home builders in Minnesota and have a great holiday season.

Time To Start Planning

Even though December is just getting underway it is time to start planning for your spring project that you have been thinking of. Whether your project is new construction, an addition, remodel or log home restoration now is the time to be thinking of plans, researching products and talking to builders. Planning, getting the plans drawn and the bidding process all take time. Once everything is in order for planning and bidding there is permits to get and schedules to arrange and in a blink of an eye spring will be making its presence known here in Minnesota. For those of you considering a log home or log cabin project make sure you attend the log home show that will be in Minneapolis January 13-15. Log home shows are a great way to learn about the log home companies that serve this area. As Minnesota log home builders we are here to answer your questions and help get your log home package completed and constructed. Log styles, profiles and corner options can get confusing. We have built many log homes, half log and full log construction, over the years in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and can help steer you in the direction to help you make the choice you are comfortable with. We get asked quite often if half log or full log is better than the other. We aren’t going to answer that but will give you the pros and cons of each so you can make your own decision based on your needs and budget.

For more information on Wisconsin or Minnesota log homes give us a call at 320.292.7878