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Our last couple of blogs have been on log home planning and I’m going to continue that in todays as well. It only makes sense to make every dollar count in your log home project and keeping things simple and efficient helps make that happen. Sometimes a log home budget will come up a bit less than the whole project. Items such as well, septic, driveways and permits have to be accounted in that budget. Too many people concentrate just on the plans and build costs and at times forget about these major items that are part of the project.  As log home builders in Minnesota we have seen and built many shapes and sizes of log homes and have built smaller homes for higher square footage costs than some larger ones. How does that happen? Upgrades such as granite countertops, high end plumbing and lighting fixtures and expensive flooring all add to that end cost. If you project is coming in a bit higher than where you are comfortable at then we can look at the options you want and maybe find a less expensive option that still fills the need.

Sometimes making the floor plan smaller will help but if we are close on costs maybe a different log profile will drop expense enough to still keep your perfect floor plan how you want it.  Our hybrid option of rustic homes fits this example perfect. We can use exterior log as an accent along with shakes or rustic siding and some exterior stone. The rustic look is still there and costs have been reduced a bit. Your log porch and log railings on the deck are there on the exterior and the interior log completes the look on the inside.

Kitchens and bath options can add up in a hurry in cabinetry and fixtures. Appliances have a wide range of costs and options and are another way of saving on your log home budget. You can always upgrade appliances in the future.

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  1. Hi! Nice website! We are log home builders here in Montana. You are so right, kitchen an bath upgrades can kill an overall budget. On one project we did the customer had $5,000 budgeted for counter tops and she ended up spending $24,000. With the pattern through out the home she was way over budget. We found a good solution to be building allowances into the building contract for all sorts of things from kitchen cabinets to stain and sealants. Then before we sign with them we encourage the customer to go shopping and pick out the things they want in their home. Then we can make budget adjustments before they end up short of cash at the end.
    Sue Lemmon
    Cowboy Log Homes
    Belgrade, MT

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