Log Cabin and Log Home Additions

It has been a busy summer here at Edlund Construction and Labor Day has arrived rapidly again.

As families grow or someone has purchased a log home that isn’t quite big enough we get inquiries regarding log home additions. Log homes can be added on to and remodeled rather easy. As in new construction, we offer our same planning, building and on site services for log home additions as well. Some log cabins get passed down from one generation to the next and they can easily get outgrown or maybe multiple families end up co-owning the family cabin. Some older log cabins may be too old to justify the cost of adding on to. We have seen where the square footage cost of a remodel and bringing the new log home up to date can exceed costs of new construction. We will help you through those stages. But, if the cabin is in good condition then it makes perfect sense to do that addition to gain some more space and make your cabin that much more enjoyable.

From time to time we hear “I wish this was a log cabin.” Well, we can easily turn your existing home or cabin into a log home. The rustic siding we carry is perfect for additions, remodels or just re-siding your home with. ¬†As always, you can also add some half log siding on the interior to give it the full log look.

Log cabins and homes are easily added on to and we can help you out with all phases of the project. For more information on Edlund Construction and log home builders in Minnesota give us a call or visit our website.