Log Homes in Minnesota

Well, the heat of summer is on! What a week it has been here in Minnesota. Actually, the whole upper midwest has taken a beating with heat, humidity and high dew points. It goes without saying that this has been a tough week to work outside on projects. The heat and humidity make it tough to even get exterior staining applied let alone roof work or any other construction site progress but we do what we can.

Even though it is mid summer and heat indexes are well over 100, fall will be here before we know it. There is still time to get plans started and get your fall log home project underway. Minnesota log home building is a perfect example of building in extreme weather! The nice thing about a fall start is you get to move in to your log home or log cabin next spring and can enjoy your new home during the summer rather than watching a building site.

This current weather is a perfect test to how energy efficient log homes really are. The full log walls are great insulators between your living space and the heat outside with their thermal mass. Half log homes offer the same benefits with the framed insulated walls and added thickness of the half logs. Add in some spray foam insulation over fiberglass and you have just gained even more energy efficiency.

Up until the weather turns too cold for exterior staining we will be doing log home repair, restoration and refinishing here in Minnesota along with our new log construction services. From hot to cold, we can help you out as log home builders in Minnesota.

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  1. Nicely written! I would say that a lot of peoples are not aware that log cabins is one of the best way to meet our requirements for resident and commercial buildings. Wooden houses are really effective and worth living. I remember my stay with grandparents in the log cabins and love them so much. Thanks for writing such a good post.

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