Minnesota Log Home Restoration

Edlund Construction has been busy with a fire restoration project. It is a full log home that was built about 10 years ago that had a chimney fire. It has been a unique project to be part of and will soon have the new rafters up and the roof sheeted. This log home showed how resistant to fire a full log home really is. Speaking of log home restoration, we do offer our log home builder services for restoration projects throughout Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. From replacing an entire wall to just replace a log or two we can help you out and get your log home back in shape. With spring on its way in and summer soon to follow now is the time to start thinking about the project you want done. Give us a call or go to our website for more information on Minnesota log home builders.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Log Home Restoration”

    1. Maybe more prone due to most log homes being built in rural or remote locations that may not be as easy to access or quick to get to as some other areas. Homeowners can clear the immediate area around the home for a bit of a buffer and make sure their driveways can be access easily by fire trucks and other emergency vehicles if something would happen, fire or medical.

      Exterior sprinkler systems are available for installation as are fire retardant sprays for the exterior of the home. However, as far as log homes being less fire resistant than other styles of building is not true. An easy example is a campfire. Throw a split piece of wood in and throw a whole log in of the same length. Every time the whole log outlasts the split log. Surface are and the insulating quality of char help slow down the spread of flames. To read more in depth please read this article on how log walls respond to fire.

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