Minnesota Log Cabins

Here in Minnesota log cabins are a way of life for many of us. Some of these log cabins have been passed down through generations and many fond memories can be recalled from past years from time spent up north “at the lake”.  We hear quite a bit from people that flip through various log home magazines and see large and luxurious log homes but get a bit frustrated because they are looking for something smaller, affordable and a bit more cozy. We get asked quite often if we can help design and build a log cabin. The answer to that is YES! Over the years Edlund Construction has built many log cabins. Some have been single level cabins less than 800 sq. ft. while others may be lofted with square footage in the 1000 to 1200 area. Some of our past customers have used them for seasonal and recreational cabins while some have downsized from their former home in the cities and opted for a simpler and cozier home at the lake or in a rural setting. We can walk you through the planning stages of your cabin to keep it on your budget. In the last year or so we are seeing increased interest in smaller cabins again. They are quicker to build, easier on the budget for heating and cooling and a few upgrades can easily be incorporated without breaking the bank. One upgrade we do suggest is spray foam insulation. It is a great way to insulate your log cabin and will pay off in reduced energy costs.  Even though the footprint may be a bit smaller views can still be taken in and the home built to fit its setting.

As some of those cabins we grew up in are aging many are making the decision to do some upgrades with a remodel project or tear it down and build a new log cabin in its place. We can help with both options and have been involved in many similar projects over the years. Some have even saved some elements from the old cabin and incorporated them into the new cabin. We think that is a great idea! For more information give us a call or email us for more information.

Full Log or Half Log

We have been asked many times over the years if full log is better or half log is better. We can only tell you the ins and outs of each and let you decide which one is right for you. Both are energy efficient and look great when they are completed.  For the ones that love the rustic log exterior but don’t need any or much interior log then half log may be the way to go.  The interior can be finished off with knotty pine with some adding drywall for some color to the home. Eight and ten inch logs are the most popular that we see. The budget question also comes up. Which one is less expensive to build. Again, that is an answer you will help decide. As you are planning your log home, picture yourself inside the house looking at your interior walls. What do you see? If you want interior log on the inside of all your perimeter walls then full log will probably save a big on your budget.  If you don’t want any interior log or maybe just on a wall in the great room then half log construction will save you some money.  To frame a wall, add the exterior log, insulate it and then add the interior log throughout the home will usually exceed the cost of full log in both materials and labor. At that point, consider going with full log construction if the company you are working with offers it. If the term “settling” makes you a bit nervous then that is another reason to lean towards half log. To learn more about packages and log profiles you can head over to Wild River Log Homes. Most milled log home companies will offer both half log and full log options. Stack heights can be anywhere from 6 inches to 12 inches or more. Full log profiles will be “D” log which will be flat on the inside and round on the exterior. Some logs are square and some will be double round which are round on the exterior and interior. You usually will have the option of smooth or peeled. Quite a few opt for the peeled look for the more rustic appearance. We’ll leave the choice up to you but feel free to call or email Edlund Construction if you have any questions.

Minnesota Log Home Restoration

Edlund Construction has been busy with a fire restoration project. It is a full log home that was built about 10 years ago that had a chimney fire. It has been a unique project to be part of and will soon have the new rafters up and the roof sheeted. This log home showed how resistant to fire a full log home really is. Speaking of log home restoration, we do offer our log home builder services for restoration projects throughout Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. From replacing an entire wall to just replace a log or two we can help you out and get your log home back in shape. With spring on its way in and summer soon to follow now is the time to start thinking about the project you want done. Give us a call or go to our website for more information on Minnesota log home builders.

Minnesota Log Home Builders

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog page. You may not believe it but this winter is on its way out. With spring soon to arrive now is the time to think about your spring log home project. For new log home construction, time needs to be allowed for plans to be drawn, bids to be gathered, plan modifications, material ordering and permits to be pulled among other items. Many people here in Minnesota and Wisconsin already have log homes or have bought one with a few years on it. We can help you remodel or restore that log home as well. We have been Minnesota log home builders for over twelve years and build both full log and half log homes. Thanks again for stopping and check back soon.