Repair on a Full Log Home in Minnesota

The warm weather has been great for working on projects this spring. Our current log home repair site is located near Annandale, MN. This is a full log home that had several problem spots on one wall. Luckily the rot didn’t extend all the way through the log so we were able to cut out the bad spots and reface with half log that we cut and milled to match. It won’t be long and the home will be re-stained and looking great.

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Minnesota log home repair
A before photo of the logs that need refacing
Log home repair in Minnesota
The log repair work is completed with the refacing of the logs.

Log cabin repair on an island

This winter we’ve been working on a log cabin repair project on an island in northern Minnesota. We took a look at it by boat this past fall but had to wait for the lake ice to get strong enough so we could get our equipment out to the island this winter. This repair project is coming along very well and we’ll be posting more photos of it as it progresses and after staining it this spring when the weather warms up.

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The day we took a look at the job for this winter
The day we took a look at the job for this winter
log cabin repair
The cabin before the repairs started
log cabin repair Minnesota
The repairs are underway this winter

Log Home Restoration Project In Northern Minnesota

It was great to get the last restoration project wrapped up at the Crow Wing County Fairgrounds. We moved on to another log home restoration project up on Leech Lake near Walker, MN. We were able to re-face the logs rather than to a complete log replacement.  The log issues didn’t go through the whole log into the interior of the home. It is always nice to not have to disturb the interior of a home with a project like this. Check out the project in the photos below:

Log Home Repair Minnesota
Dale cutting the problem area.
Log Home Repair Near Walker, MN
The old log is cut out and the new log facing is installed
Minnesota log home repair
Repair work is done and the logs are ready to be stained

Minnesota Log Home Restoration Project

Hopefully everyone is having a great summer. The wet spring has made for some job site challenges to say the least! We recently completed a log home restoration project for the Crow Wing County Historical Society and wanted to share some photos of it.

We restored the Carbine House which was built in 1868 and is now located at the Crow Wing County Fairgrounds. Here are a few pictures that were taken throughout the project.











September Already

Hello and hopefully everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. It is hard to believe the summer went by as fast as it did, kids are going back to school already and the weather has finally cooled off. It has been a hectic summer here at Edlund Construction with log home restoration projects as well as new log home construction. It also looks like we are going to have a busy fall as well. Fall projects are great. The weather is usually more cooperative and some of our fall starts will carry through the winter. Check back from time to time for updates on our recent projects

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends. It is tough to beat the holiday season spent in a cozy log home on a cold winter day. It was a busy year for us here at Edlund Construction and we want to say thanks to everyone that helped make it possible. We are looking forward to 2013 and keep in mind that along with Minnesota log homes builder services we also do log home remodeling, restoration and repair. Thanks again and have a Happy New Year.

Log Home Inspections

Hopefully everyone is staying cool in this heat wave. This time of year we seem to get quite a few calls from people that are considering buying an existing log home or log cabin and they are looking for someone to do a log home inspection. We do offer log home inspection services throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. There are a lot of conventional home inspectors out there but very few have experience in log homes. A log home inspection can put your mind at ease and save you future expense depending on what we may find. A majority of the log homes we look at are fine and may only need some re-staining and updating but there are always a few out there that may need some extensive work. Old roofing that has seen better days, clogged gutters and lack of care are the usual contributors to the problems we see. Most of the issues can be fixed but we will leave those decisions up to you if you end up buying an existing log home.

Another reason we get called for a log home inspection is to see if the existing building can be remodeled or added on to. Some have found the “almost perfect” log cabin in the right setting buy may just need a little more room to fit their family and lifestyle. We can give you some cost estimates before you make the purchase to help with your overall budget.

For more information give us a call at 320-292-7878 or head over to Edlund Construction.

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! This summer is flying by! I just wanted to take some time this morning and get this blog updated. It has been busy here at Edlund Construction this summer with Minnesota log home projects. We have done a couple of projects that involved replacing logs and are currently soon to wrap up a log cabin refinishing project. I can say this hot weather doesn’t make things any easier! The log home building side of what we do is busy as well. We have a foundation in the ground and materials soon to ship. We are glad to be busy again this year and happy to be able to offer both restoration and new log home construction services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Have a great day with friends and family and if you are on vacation this week have a great vacation. Call or email with any questions or head over to our website for more information on Minnesota log home builders.

Minnesota Log Home Repair Project

Hopefully is having a great Memorial Day weekend with friends and family. I’m finally getting some time to post photos of a recent log cabin restoration project we did in Minnesota. The bottom three rows of logs needed replacing due to water splashing on them from running off of the roof and hitting the deck. The rest of the log cabin was in great   shape. The cabin owners opted to replace the old pine logs with cedar logs. We were able to get the replacement logs custom milled to match and completed the job a couple of weeks ago. Gutters, downspouts and proper deck flashing could’ve prevented the issues but all is well now with the proper measures being taken by the current cabin owners. This is an example that is similar to quite a few of the Minnesota log homes and log cabin restoration projects we have been doing. The longer the repair is put off the worse it can become over time.

Below are a few photos of the restoration project

Minnesota log cabin repair

Minnesota log cabin repair



As you can see, even the bottom logs on the wall can be removed and replaced. Give us a call or email if you have a Minnesota log home repair project you want us to take a look at.